Global Mayors Stand United to Protect Jewish Communities as Antisemitism Surges Around the World



Global Mayors Stand United to Protect Jewish Communities as Antisemitism Surges Around the World

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Uwe Becker

Mayor of Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Lindsey P. Horvath

Mayor of West Hollywood, United States

As civic leaders responsible for maintaining peaceful coexistence in our communities around the world, we are shocked and deeply concerned at the explosion of antisemitism in recent days – both on the streets and online. We have witnessed incidents and heard rhetoric targeting Jews that evoke some of humanity’s darkest days.

 We know many are very concerned over the violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip. Some are critical of Israel for responding to and trying to prevent future rocket attacks by the Hamas terror organization while others clearly recognize Israel’s right to defend its population. The loss of human life is tragic, and we pray for a lasting peace in the Middle East.  

Regardless how strong one’s opinions may be about the current conflict; we categorically reject those who are perpetuating acts of antisemitism in our communities. In many of our cities, synagogues have been vandalized, Jews have been physically attacked, and verbally threatened online and offline. Jewish communities are living in fear and concerned for what tomorrow will bring. Antisemitism is a mark of shame on society and must be stopped now. No one should have to live in fear because of their identity. 

As mayors, we stand united and committed to the safety of all Jewish residents in our cities. No one should have to live in fear because of their identity. We respect freedom of speech but will ensure our streets and public space are safe and free from antisemitic activity. As proud civic leaders, we say unequivocally we reject Jew-hatred in our cities now and always.

The alarming rise in antisemitic incidents targeting Jews worldwide during and in the aftermath of the violence in Israel and Gaza cannot be tolerated in contemporary society.

Recent days have proven that it is on the streets of major cities where Jews are most vulnerable, and it is local officials who have the tools to provide them with the security they both need and deserve.

To fight back against this disturbing resurgence of Jew-hatred, Frankfurt am Main Mayor Uwe Becker, co-host of the first-ever Mayors Summit Against Antisemitism, and the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, are inviting municipal leaders across the globe to sign the joint unity statement below as a public show of solidarity with embattled Jewish communities.

Database of Antisemitic Incidents Worldwide Since Outbreak of Israel-Gaza Violence

Since May 9th, when Hamas fired a barrage of rockets at Jerusalem, sparking a major escalation of violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip, Jewish communities worldwide have faced a relentless wave of antisemitism from pro-Palestinian supporters.

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Moses Elisaf

Mayor of Ioannina, Greece

Gabriel Groisman

Mayor of Bal Harbour, United States

Sandro Ceccarelli

Mayor of Guardistallo, Italy

Peter Niedermüller

Mayor of Budapest 7th District, Hungary

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Alexis Govciyan

Conseiller de Paris
Mairie du Neuf-Paris, France

Mihai Chirica

Mayor of Iași, Romania

Larisa Svechin

Sunny Isles Beach, United States

Aurelie Pirillo

Conseiller de Paris, France

Carolyn D King-Sammons

Mayor of, Elk Township, United States

Rui Moreira

Mayor of Porto, Portugal

Shawn R. Klein, MD

Mayor, Livingston, United States

Michael B. Specht

Supervisor, Town of Ramapo, United States

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William Peduto

Mayor of Pittsburgh

Rick Walker

Mayor of Parkland, United States

Lionel Perez

City Councillor and Leader of Official Opposition at City Hall, Montreal, 

William Steinberg

Mayor, Town of Hampstead, Canada

Michael R Mignogna

Mayor of Voorhees, NJ, United States

Jason Ravitz

Deputy Mayor of Voorhees, NJ, United States

Scott L. Hopes

County Administrator, Manatee County, FL, United States

Kostas Bakoyannis

Mayor of Athens, Greece

Florin Birta

Mayor of Oradea, Romania 

Krystyna Danilecka-Wojewódzka

Prezydent Słupsk, Poland

Sotiraq Filo

Mayor of Korçë, Albania

David R Martin

Mayor of Stamford, United States

Astrid Cora Fodor

Mayor of Sibiu, Romania

Hector C. Lora

Mayor of Passaic, NJ, United States

Mitchell Brownstein

Mayor of Cote Saint Luc, Quebec, Canada

Vergil Chițac

Mayor of Constanta, Romania

Piotr Kuczera

Prezydent Miasta Rybnika, Poland

Moldovan Vasile

Mayor of Sighetu Marmației, Romania

Mario Kordić

Mayor of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

James Brainard

Mayor of Carmel, Indiana, United States

Dario Hrebak

Mayor of Bjelovar, Croatia

Erion Veliaj

Mayor of Tirana, Albania

Benjamina Karić

Mayor of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Daniel Spencer

Mayor Emeritus, Gloucester City, NJ

Zachary Bray

Mayor of Raritan, New York